Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Review

The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater is the smallest in the Takagi line, but is capable of handling up to 140,000 BTU’s, and provides a flow rate of 6.6 gallons per minute.  Even with the smaller size, this unit still has enough power to provide enough water for the average size home.  It can also provide enough output to successfully run a shower and sink, or a low flow shower and another appliance, without resulting in a significant reduction in flow to either item.


The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG uses natural gas, which is considerably cheaper than propane, and provides noticeable savings over electric as well.

This unit is a compact design, which allows you a wide range of possibilities for installation.

If you have experience with natural gas hookups, the instructions provided will allow you to install the unit on your own.  If you do not have experience, installation can generally be completed by any certified technician.



The built in flow meter can result in a decrease in the water pressure if there is more than one source demanding hot water.

If there are any parts failures or problems, the Takagi warranty only covers parts.  This could result in higher labor costs, even if there is an issue that occurs within the warranty period.

The unit can only be installed with 4 inch, Category III stainless steel venting.

The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater uses natural gas, and has an energy factor of only .81 to .83.  Each unit is also equipped with inlet and outlet thermistors tht provide constant temperature monitoring to ensure that the requested temperatures are maintained throughout use.  Even with its small size, this tankless water heater is able to support more than one appliance or low flow shower at a time, with very little decreases in water flow. The on demand hot water allows you to save energy by only producing hot water when you need it, resulting in a more energy efficient appliance when compared with tank water heaters.

There have been very few complaints about the Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater.  Some customers have complained about the length of time it takes for hot water to reach the appliance, faucet, or shower, but this is a common issue with on demand heaters.  The water is not heated until it is requested, so there is a 30 to 60 second delay while the unit heats the water.  Those living in areas where water costs are higher may experience between 5 to 10 gallons of waste per day due to this delay in heating.  This can often be remedied with the addition of a circulation pump if it becomes a bothersome issue.

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The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater has the ability to provide enough hot water for a smaller home, without any issues with too little flow.  The energy savings seen with natural gas is also a great benefit.

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