Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews- Why Richmond?

Manufactured with thoughtful engineering, the Richmond tankless water heaters are not only efficient in supplying hot water on demand but they also save space and are cost effective. And here’s another thing that will catch your attention- all the Richmond tankless water heater models have got the Energ Star qualification which makes them (and subsequently you as its consumer) eligible for the utility rebates and other tax credits. Yes, these attributes will be seen in almost all the popular tankless models. So, why Richmond? The answer lies in the endless richmond tankless water heater reviews that you can find in the webmarket. But for the sake of your comfort, we are impatient to introduce you with one of the top Richmond tankless models- RMTG-66dvp.

The RMTG-66 model is a rather popular product that features a highly efficient water heater. What’s more, it has also bagged the ANSI rating. And, since it has the capacity of supplying 8.4 GPM (gallons of water per minute) at 35 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise, this whole-house tankless model suffices the need of hot water for simultaneously running multiple applications. And since it consumes very little space (thanks to its compact design and mountable feature), it warmly welcomes the home where space is considered a luxury. The standard price of this tankless model is $550. Nevertheless, there is also the possibility that the price rate will fall on any day or that you will be favored with a decent discount.

Some Features & Specifications of the RMTG-66 Series:

  • You can get this model in either the natural gas fuel or the liquid propane (LP) fuel. The choice is yours.
  • It is about 95% thermal efficient tanklesss model.
  • They (i.e. all the Richmond’s tankless models, including this one) are third-party efficient.
  • A continuous supply of hot water on demand.
  • Like all the other tankless models, it also saves you space and energy. Mind you, this is an Energy Star product.
  • Thanks to the electronic ignition, this model saves the energy without wasting them to the pilot flame.
  • It also features a self-diagnostic program that relieves you from the burden of searching the problem your model is affected with.
  • This model also includes an integral electric blower.
  • The indoor units can make the use of the stainless steel vents (category 3) and have the options for horizontal as well as vertical venting.
  • Similarly, the indoor units are also facilitated with the 120 Volt power-cords.
  • The package consists of a UMC-117 Remote control which lets you set the temperature from 120 degrees to maximum 140 degrees. Additionally, if you like to, you can also buy another remote control thermostat.
  • For commercial as well as residential use, the Richmond offers the facility of EZ-Link™ through the aid of which you can join 2 tankless units and enjoy their combined operation.
  • There is also the warranty of 12 years for the heat exchanger whereas a 5 year warranty on its parts and a 1 year warranty on the labor.
  • Lastly, you may also boast of this eco-friendly model which satisfies the requirements of the SCAQMD rule no. 1146 by depleting the level of NOx emission thanks to its Low NOx Burner.

Besides these above features, let me also mention some other “Exclusive!” technologies that this model is privileged of. Now, these technologies are engineered by Rheem but given solely for the Richmond models. I believe these following intriguing technologies will certainly catch your full attention and make you impatient to buy this Richmond model (Nevertheless you should at least check out the reckoned-good brands like bosch or navien tankless water heater reviews and make some comparisons-they might interest you!):

  • This tankless model is capable for being installed in high altitudes i.e. up to the elevation of approximately 9,840 ft. (You will just have to buy the right altitude chip.)
  • It features the Guardian OFW™ i.e. the Overheat Film Wrap.
  • Likewise, there is also the Guardian SBT™ i.e. the Sensing Burner Technology.
  • And, by the use of the optional MICS-180 and the MIC-180 manifold control-assembly, you can link at most 20 units of Richmond Encore models.

The Richmond models are fairly efficient and so make very good tankless water heaters. Their own technologies like the Everkleen (i.e. a self-cleaning system that prevents the disposal of the lime & mineral on the heat exchanger) and the LifeGuard stainless-steel heating-element are quite praise worthy.  Also, having its parent company as Rheem, the Richmond is privileged with intriguing technologies, some of which can be seen in the above model. No doubt, these admirable attributes have already bagged a good position for Richmond in the long marathon of tankless models.

Anyway, mere words should not be taken into account; you should rather consult with some professional contractors and discuss the issues like the plumbing services, repair and maintenance, manual for installation and so on. You can also check out other richmond tankless water heater reviews, consumers’ reports, comment etc. to give you some more insight on this model. It’s always best to be prepared!

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