Pros & Cons from electric tankless water heater reviews consumer reports!

Tempra29-lgIn a world where almost everything is electricity-based, it’s no wonder that the electric tankless water heaters are gaining much popularity than the gas, or propane models. Most of the electric tankless water heater reviews consumer reports recommend the interested consumers to buy the electric tankless models, especially the Stiebel Eltron, Bosch PowerStar or Rheem models, which are undoubtedly the leading brands manufacturing the best of the best electric tankless models.

All the same, you might be wondering why electric tankless models when there are some gas and propane powered tankless models which are, needless to say, highly efficient and have potentiality for high GPM (gallons of hot water per minute)? And, yes, the gas or propane models also heat the waters faster.

Here are 6 reasons (on the basis of various electric tankless water heater reviews consumer reports) that will justly satisfy your query and also give you an insight of the features that makes the electric tankless models popular:-

  • Installing the electric models is a child’s play as compare to that of the propane & gas tankless models. The installation process of the propane and gas models is a complicated one due to the specific venting & combustion air requirements that one should follow.
  • Efficiency is generally the prime issue among consumers when talking about the tankless models. The more efficient a tankless model, the better facility will it give. So, in comparison to the gas & propane models whose efficiency does not exceeds more than 85%, the electric tankless models are known to be 98% efficient (in this case the, Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus Series).
  • Besides the timely cleaning of the inlet screen filters, there is generally no other chores that you would have to follow to maintain your electric tankless model whereas the gas and propane models have a completely different story.
  • And, talking about maintenance, the electric models when confronted with some problems can be quite easily repaired, thanks to their simple design. Once the problem is diagnosed, then your technician will repair it in a jiffy. Why, you yourself can easily accomplish that endeavor! On the other hand, repairing the propane & gas models, complicatedly designed, is naturally a perilous task to achieve. So, you will have to spend a good deal of money over the licensed/professional technician.
  • There is always a danger to the use of the gas fueled appliances, due to their highly inflammable attribute. No wonder, families having children or persons who have got a habit of forgetting things vote for the electric tankless units.
  • The price of the electric tankless models is generally lower than that of the gas or propane models. What’s more, most of the tankless electric models are also eligible for utility rebates and other available tax credits.

Now, to be frank, you must have heard the fact that- “Nothing is perfect!” The same goes for the electric tankless model types. Everything has some pros and cons. Since you have gone through the pros, now let’s detour through the cons:

  • Needless to say, power-cuts will be a very inconvenient thing since the electric tankless models can’t operate without electricity. But, if you have a generator at home, then this problem is not an issue to deal.
  • Some electric tankless models (not all) will need to have a good high power electric service of minimum 200 amps since they run on electricity and require high energy supply to heat the water. And, as the electric tankless models are being enhanced to supply more GPM (gallons of water per minute); the required power supply is also increasing. Also, the burst of power supply is needed only when heating, otherwise the electric tankless models are energy-and-money-saving innovative products.
  • There are also some instances of power leaks, which nearly happen in every electrical device. Nonetheless, the newer and highly efficient electric tankless models have promising features to insure the non-existence of the leak.

So, if you are living in a region where the electricity facility is not so convenient, then there is a slight problem! And, if there is such a problem, then why not go through the natural gas tankless water heater reviews of some top models. Nevertheless, the electric tankless models are worth your money, considering all the things like installation, repair and maintenance costs. It’s your choice. Think before purchasing one, after all it’s the issue of your own comfort!

Anyway, if you are indeed interested in any electric model, then you ought to go through some electric tankless water heater reviews consumer reports to get some tips and guides for installation. You ought to check more reviews regarding your tankless model and, for that the is considered the best platform to proceed through where the owners of the tankless models generally share their ideas and experience.

However, don’t follow the advice of anybody before ascertaining that they are right and see whether the maximum consumers are comfortable with their electric models, for there will always be some consumers that will be complaining about theirs. This is a common thing that accompanies every product, be it small or big!

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