Noritz tankless water heater reviews- Presenting you with the best of the best!

There used to be a time when the tankless water heaters used to be such an issue of environmental degradation, but now, with the Noritz tankless models, it’s completely a different story. Noritz does not only strive for efficiency but also for eco-friendliness in its tankless models.  You don’t have to go over other Noritz tankless water heater reviews to ascertain my claim. It’s a fact, which the following Noritz tankless models prove conveniently.

Noritz NR83 Series:

NR83 Noritz tankless water heater reviews  Presenting you with the best of the best!This residential tankless model is more-than-often acclaimed as the most advanced product that is not only efficient but also highly eco-friendly. Its standard price is around $1,900, but you can buy it at lesser price through the (the greatest-discount-giver site). Anyway, this is an Energy Star compliant model, so you will certainly get to enjoy the available rebates and other tax credits.

Some Features & Specifications:

  • The NR83 is available in both the Natural Gas (NG) and the Liquid Propane (LP) models.
  • Its total capacity is 8.3 GPM (gallons of water per minute). So, you can run more than one application at a time.
  • As the name suggests, it consumes less space, saves energy and supplies hot water on demand.
  • This tankless model also bags the Energy Star certification.
  • The Energy factor is 0.82 in the NG model whereas it is 0.83 in the LP model.
  • Its heat exchanger is of commercial grade.
  • It also features Low NOx Eco-burner that ascertains a greater depletion in the level of NOx emission in comparison to other tankless models.
  • There is also the electronic ignition, thanks to which you don’t have to sacrifice the precious energy fuel to the pilot flame.
  • This model has the warranty of 12 years for the heat exchanger whereas there is a warranty of 5 years for its parts and a sole 1 year warranty on the reasonable labor.

This NR83 model requires a concentric-type stainless-steel exhaust vent-piping of 3” x 5”. And, the heating coil should be safeguarded against the mineral buildup by regularly flushing it out with the vinegar solution.

Noritz NCC199-SV-NG:

Now, this is a residential as well as commercial tankless model- ideal for homes and 5 star hotels alike. Outsmarting even some of the electric tankless models, besides NG and LP models, this highly efficient (over 93%) unit is even acknowledged as the most advanced of its kind (though you may find similar claims if you go through Bosch, Rinnai, Navien or Richmond tankless water heater reviews or other such popular brands). It features a variety of celebrated technologies which coupled together has made this model qualified not only for Energy Star certification, but also for the prodigious  title of being the “greenest” tankless model ever manufactured. Its standard price is around $2,000, but well, the offers more reasonable price with a decent discount amount that is sure to tempt you.

Some Features & Specifications:

  • The NCC199-SV-NG is found in the Natural Gas model.
  • Its capacity ranges from 0.5 GPM to 11.1 GPM. It can supply 11.1GPM at 35 degree and 8.4 GPM at 45 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise.
  • It is over 93% thermal efficient.
  • Bags the Energy Star certification, making it eligible for rebates and tax credits.
  • It houses a dual heat-exchanger which, proud to say, is the fusion of copper heat-exchangers and the stainless steel heat-exchangers. This innovation has led to the depletion of CO2 and thus made this model so efficient.
  • PVC venting is possible. Its power vented.
  • It has a resin-coated PC board.
  • It exclusively features the dual flame burner which helps in minimizing the fluctuations in the temperature.
  • Quick Connect feature lets you operate 2 identical tankless units through a single cable.
  • Likewise, the Multi System offers the option to connect up to 24 tankless units.
  • It has direct ignition. No need for the unnecessary pilot flame.
  • This model also features the safety devices like the Freez Prevention device, Overheat Prevention device, thermal fuse, Flame Rod, Fan Rotation Detector and the Pressure relief valve.

As a concluding note, you should consult other such maintenance, plumbing and repair issues with experienced persons, professionals and other contractors who will probably provide you with the solution to your problem but for now it’s best to surf through someNoritz tankless water heater reviews, consumers’ reports, manuals for use etc. over the internet, which is a platform where you will, no doubt, get abundant tips by experts and consumers alike.

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