Bosch tankless water heater reviews- Make the best choice!

It is not difficult to figure out why the Bosch tankless water heater models are unanimously popular among the consumers, for Bosch does not only sell the electric PowerStar models but also the gas-fired Aquastar models (there is also the less popular Bosch Ariston brand which comes in both the gas fired and electric models). So, after going through some bosch tankless water heater reviews, you might be wondering which tankless model is suitable for your home.

To avoid this confusion for you, here is some advice. If you are planning to have a tankless model for whole-house use and need to use 2-3 appliances simultaneously, then the Ariston model should be your choice whereas if your need is small i.e. one application at a time, then vote for PowerStar model. Anyway, both are quite efficient in their fields and saves a lot of energy and space compare to the regular tank-style water heaters. Several Bosch models have gained the Energy Star certification which gives you the chance of applying for the government tax credit as well as other available rebates.

At present the Bosch Aquastar 2700ES and the PowerStar AE125 are at the frontline among the Bosch models. So, easily they are the recommendations of most of the consumers, but you can also go on through other tankless water heater reviews to satisfy your curiosity. Here is a brief review of these two largely celebrated tankless models that will guide you in deciding which suits you best.
Bosch Aquastar 2700ES:
The Aquastar 2700ES comes in both the natural gas and Liquid propane fuel models. You can purchase any one, considering your ease of use. The standard price of this model is $1,475 but you can buy it in around $1,100 from the

Some Features & Specifications:

  • The capacity of 2700ES model is 7 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • It has the potentiality of running 2 to 3 applications simultaneously.
  • This eco-friendly model saves 50% of the utility cost.
  • This innovative model does not require any special tools for installation or maintenance.
  • The integral power vent offers you the options for either horizontal or vertical venting.
  • To make it more comfortable, this model is also packaged with the optional Temperature Adjustment control.
  • Its 82% efficient.
  • It is also fitted with a Back-flow preventer so as to keep the cold out.
  • A flexible feature of this model is its room-sealed direct vent combustion.
  • It is easy to install and is packaged with the Model AQOK (optional outdoor kit) that gives you the facility to mount this model outside during warmer climates. Anyway, this is actually a indoor product.
  • Uses electronic ignition which makes sure that no gas is wasted through the pilot light.
  • Its power input ranges from 19.900 to 199.000 BTU.
  • Certified by Energy Star
  • The energy factor is 0.82.
  • Its average life expectancy is over 20 years.
  • There is a 12 years warranty on its heat exchanger whereas a 2 years warranty on the parts.

Bosch PowerStar AE125:

Relatively easy to install, this innovative electric tankless model is ideal for running a major application at a time. It is powerful, cost effective and saves a lot of space. The price of this efficient model is around $700 but you can get it in even low prices if you order through

Some Features & Specifications:

  • The capacity of PowerStar AE125 is 4 GPM.
  • It makes the use of a solid copper heat-exchanger to heat the cold water.
  • Its “on-demand” technology vouches for the savings on your electricity-bill.
  • This model is also packaged with a Flow Sensor that helps in supplying you hot water with a consistent output temperature.
  • You can conveniently turn off the thermostat for your own safety.
  • There is certainly no need for putting pressure or temperature relief valves.
  • There is an electronic flow switch for manipulation.
  • On the inlet, there is a filter screen.
  • You can mount it anywhere.
  • It saves the installation cost, your space and the electricity bill.
  • Packaged with a control knob for the external temperature.
  • There is considerably no probability of leaks and ruptures.
  • It is 95% efficient.
  • The energy factor is 0.95.
  • There is a 1 year warranty for the machinery parts whereas a 10 year warranty solely for the heat exchanger.

As a concluding note, let me emphasis that before you rush out to buy any tankless model, do be sure to go on through some other bosch tankless water heater reviews to get some more ideas so that you will be confident when buying your tankless model. After all, hard work pays!

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