Best Water Distiller Reviews

Countertop water distillers are perfect for those who want to drink pure and clean water. A countertop distiller can make distilled water for us easily. It boils water to 100 centigrades and then liquid water can be changed into steam and be led to another clean container to be cooled and changed back into liquid water, while other impurities are left in the boiling chamber. The process of distilling is how we get pure water. Therefore, water distillers are the best way to get purest water. Unlike water filter, distillers separate impurities from pure water completely.

If you want to go abroad for traveling and you want to drink clean water, a countertop distiller is your best choice. In some countries especially in developing countries, water pollution has become a severe problem. For the sake of the health, it’s wise to drink water from our own machine not water directly from the tap. Also at home, distilled water is ideal for soda makers and home brewers. We do our researches and choose the top 5 best water distillers for you, hoping you can get a good investment to the health both for you and your family.

1. NEW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure Water Distiller


Mini-Classic-ll-Counter-Top-Pure-Water-DistillerWhy is this model the best one? It’s mainly because this water distiller is made from glass and metal, not plastic. So there is no risk of exposing to plastic. The distilled water cannot be polluted again. Although this model is a bit expensive, sometimes you have to pay for the best one and pay for top rated one.

2.Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller


Waterwise-9000This is medium water distiller from waterwise. We all know that Waterwise is famous within the water treatment field. Waterwise produces good quality products. This distiller can make 1.5 gallons distilled in 4.5 hours.

3.Royal Berkey Water Filter System


Royal-BerkeyWe choose this model because it is a great camping tool, which is heat-less water treatment from Royal Berkey. It can make 3.25 gallons clean water a time. Make use the water of rivers or lakes and get clean water with the model with ease.

4. WaterWise 8800 water distiller


Waterwise-8800This is another water distiller from waterwise. It is easy to use it. First, just fill the stainless steel boiler chamber with water, then press the start button and walk away. After about 4 hours, you can get pure water to drink and cook. Theoretically, you can use it to make up to 6 gallons water a day.

5. Steam Pure Stainlsee Steel Countertop Water Distiller


Steam-Pure-Stainlsee-Steel-Water-DistillerThe last one is from Steam Pure— A famous water treatment device manufacturer in the USA. It means this water distiller is made in the USA. The solid stainless steel makes it a sturdy one. It distills one gallon water in 4 hours.

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