Best place to Install a Water Softener

A water softener is a devise designed to soften hard water by eliminating some minerals such as calcium and magnesium The purpose having being designed and a water softener having being purchased, the next question lies in the place of installation An individual has to figure out the best place to install it even before figuring out how to install it since you will not be installing a device if you cannot tell where to install it even with the right expertise.

Keep in mind, what aspects should you look into when considering the best place to install your water softener?

Power/ Electricity supply

A water softener requires a source of power to run It is therefore important to consider the closeness to a power supply You would not want cable running across the room from one point to another all in the name of installing a water softener device The proximity of the power supply to the water softener loaf great importance so as to prevent the occurrence of an accident.

The source of power must also be secure to prevent the mix of water and electricity. In the event that this happens, the entire family is in danger. As much as these two factors depend on each other to function, they should be kept distant from each other.

Presence of a water drain

The water drain serves the purpose of discharging water. The hard water cannot pass through into the already softened water It is important that only softened water goes through lo the next stage The water should be discharged at a certain outlet ready for use.

A water softener works in such a manner that it has a complete cycle of processing the water This cycle repeats itself to ensure that you are getting softened water The location that has been considered most suitable due lathe proximity of the water softener and the drain is important as it will also be determined by the drainage option. The options include a standpipe, floor drain or a utility sink

When thinking of where re install your water softener, ensure you look into its closeness to an available drainage option.

Ease of changing water supply direction

The location for installing the water softener should be convenient in that you can decide to change the direction in which the water softener is supplying water to This is rather convenient than purchasing a second water softener so as to meet the standards of using a water softener elsewhere. In this, one water softener can serve different water supplies in the home drainage system. For example, you may find that you will need louse softened water in the kitchen and in the bathroom It is best that the location chosen to install the water softener veil be able to reach the kitchen when need be and the bathroom when need be Therefore, it should be easy to interchange the water flow.

Not only is it convenient but it is also affordable as the you will not have to purchase a second water softener to some a different line of water supply This can easily be identified one the home plumbing is identified.


Plumbing can be a little tricky especially loan individual who is new to this linear expertise. When selecting the best place to install your water softener, ensure that it is easily accessible. Water softeners may need adjustments and the choice of location should ease the process of readjusting.

Different chores require different levels of hardness and this means that you will have tenet the level of hardness on the water softener device. Accessibility can therefore not be ruled out.

Purpose of the Water

Location of installation matters a great deal as iris only necessary for household usage and not outside chores like watering of a garden as it may kill some plants due to lack of the minerals named above. This will mean that the best place in which a water softener should be placed should only be at a point that serves an indoor supply It is therefore not advisable to install a water softener at the main water supply pipe as this supplies water all through to the entire system. Water softener will come with a prodded list for the recommended use of the softened water.

Different people buy different water softeners to serve different purpose. If your water softener is meant to serve a few purposes including the washing of laundry, then the water softener should be installed somewhere along the water supply system that supplies water to all the necessary outlets to avoid transportation of water manually


Very important, is the aspect of safety and security. A water softener is powered by electricity and it still cleanses water ‘the enemy of electricity- at the same time. The location to install a water softener should be in a position that minimizes the risk of danger.

The dangers can arise from accidental contact between the water and power supply which may cause shock and in extreme cases death. Another danger would be accidentally disconnecting a joint which may lead to floods in the area surrounding the devices location.

The aspects to keep in mind in respect to the best location of installing a water softener have been considered. The fact that someone who understands the plumbing system is required is no secret. Not because there is plumbing lobe done necessarily but because it is a factor lobe considered when locating the suitable place within the already costing water supply system in the home.

All the above factors must be put into consideration as different households have different plumbing for their homes. One cannot simply point out a specific area such as in the kitchen as there may be other preferences for softening water that may lead you to a different opinion. These are not only affected by the water supply system but also by the power supply system as installed in the home.

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